IMC: Intermodal Circuits

We are specialized in rail + truck solutions, thus integrating all maneuvers and services at the point of origin and destination, as well as railroad transportation and last mile delivery, which enables us to offer a point to point, direct intermodal service.


Veracruz express

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NAFTA Express

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Lázaro Cárdenas Express

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Manzanillo Express

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Transportation Brokering

SILTRA is fully trained and capable of operating land traffic on highways, and of offering, within this scope, a wide range of solutions for the transportation of your merchandise. We have a significant network of transportation companies which make it possible for us to grant support to our customers, for any sort of operation in the national as well as the international markets throughout: USA – Canada -- Central America -- Mexico

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Air and Maritime Freights

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Some of our Customers:

Support to Transportation

In order to support our customer’s requirements throughout their national transportation operations, and their imports and exports processes, we have established outstanding negotiations with specialized service providers in the following areas:

• Customs Brokerage

• Cargo Brokerage

Distribution storage and logistics

Distribution storage and logistics:

We solve your storage needs in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey

We also take care of your delivery and distribution programs in these cities… and to and from these cities to any point within the country.

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Phone numbers

Ing. Cruz Sánchez Calderón: (55) 7868 4399

Maria Eugenia Marcos:  (557) 868 44 11

José Carlos Ruiz:  (777) 267 59 11

Liliana Chávez:  (552) 690 32 49

SILTRA Ciudad de México: (55) 1204 0957

SILTRA Cuernavaca: (777) 323  9003 y 04

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Blvd Manuel Ávila Camacho 1903 Int. D3

CD Satélite Del. Naucalpan

C.P. 53100, Ciudad de México, México.


PH. USA +52 (867) 717 26 45


Lun – Viernes …… 10 am – 8 pm

Phone number

SILTRA Ciudad de México: 55 12 04 09 57

SILTRA Cuernavaca: (777) 323  9003 y 04

Maria Eugenia Marcos:  (557) 868 44 11

José Carlos Ruiz:  (777) 267 59 11

Liliana Chávez:  (552) 690 32 49

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